Station 1

16875 Marion St, Frenchtown MT 59834

Station 1 is a staffed with personnel twenty four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days a week. It features the administration offices, training room, apprentice living quarters, apparatus bay with one structure engine, ambulance, and water tender. There are also wildland engines parked here during wildland fire season.

Apparatus in Use: 811, 819, 817, 815

Station 2

6900 Grooms Rd, Missoula MT 89802

Station 2 is an unstaffed station in Evaro with one structure engine.

Station 3

18400 Six Mile Rd, Huson MT 59846

Station 3 is our wet and dry training facility that also houses a type 6 wildland engine.

Apparatus in Use: 846

Station 4

32095 Piney Meadows Ln, Huson MT 59846

Station 4 is an unstaffed station and is located in the Nine Mile area of Huson with one structure engine and wildland engine.

Station 5

995 Terrace View Dr, Alberton MT 59820

Station 5 is an unstaffed station on the Clark Fork River near Alberton and houses a type 2 and a type 3 wildland engine.

Apparatus in Use: 832, 813

Station 7

9350 Ladyslipper Ln, Missoula MT 59802

Station 7 in the Wye area (I-90 and Highway 93) is an apprentice station which houses a structure engine, water tender, light rescue, ambulance and wildland engine. This is also the district’s maintenance facility.

Apparatus in Use: 877, 876, 879, 878

Station 8

503 5th St, Alberton MT 59820

Station 8 is an apprentice station located in the City of Alberton and houses a type 5 wildland truck, ambulance and water tender.

Apparatus in Use: 859. 886, 888, 887