Board Meeting Minutes – December 10, 2019

Time:  6:00pm
Date:   Tuesday, December 10, 2019
Place: Station 1

Call to Order

Roll Call – Dana Cotnoir, Nate Evans, Danielle Hagemo, Chief Joe Calnan and Office Manager Lisa Gottula present.  Sean Mecham arrives at 6:05 pm, and Ben Martello is absent.

Pledge of Allegiance

Sign Minutes

November 12, 2019 Regular Board Meeting

            Danielle Hagemo moves to approve the minutes.  Nate Evans seconds.  All in favor.  [00:01:03]


            Pay bills in the amount of $ 78,398.00

            Sean Mecham arrives.  Discussion regarding adding a check for $35 for the ambulance license for a new total of $78,433.  Discussion regarding late fee.  Nate Evans moves to accept claims.  Danielle Hagemo seconds.  All in favor.  [00:10:31]

Correspondence – Thank you cards

Staff Reports

            Chief’s Report – Chief Calnan reviews his written report. Danielle Hagemo asks about hiring process.  Discussion regarding holiday party and graduation.

            IAFF Local 4654 Report – Mel Holtz, President, reports on coat drive in Alberton.

Public Comment for Items Not on the Agenda – none

Old Business 

Excess Property – This was tabled in November.  Nate Evans moves to accept the excess property disposal.  Danielle Hagemo seconds.  All in favor.  [00:28:00]

New Business

Invoice Payment Schedule – Discussion regarding payment schedule, credit cards.  Proposed second bill cycle each month.

2020 Meeting Schedule – No holiday conflicts, all meetings on second Tuesday of month.  Nate Evans moves to accept the regular board meeting schedule.  Sean Mecham seconds.  All in favor.  [00:50:38]


            Deposits in the amount of – Cash: $ 0

         Electronic: $ 15,823.03

Good of the Order

Chief Calnan reminds the board about the holiday party and graduation.


            Nate Evans moves to adjourn at 6:55 pm.  [00:54:52]