Community Services Safety and prevention area priority of Frenchtown fire. We offer a variety of community services designed to keep citizens of the district prepared.

  • Fuel Mitigation
    Frenchtown Fire regularly applies for and is awarded grant money to help home owners reduce the fuels around their homes, especially the thinning of trees. We've been running a cutting-edge fuel mitigation program for over fifteen years!

    The particulars of the grant changes from year to year, but we are often able to offer home owners a cost share for work done on their property. That is, in order to make our rural neighborhoods safer, the government pays part of the cost of sending a crew to your land. We work with you in making your home more likely to survive a wildfire. Contact Lisa Gottula for details.

  • Fire Safety Information
    Frenchtown Fire is a long-time participant of Firewise Communities, a national group dedicated to fire prevention and citizen safety. Click through for tips on construction, landscaping, and in-home fire safety.

Need a facility for your event?
The conference room at station one in Frenchtown is available for local groups. It's first-come, first-serve; contact Lisa Gottula for availability and usage restrictions.





  • Reflective Address Signs
    Station 1 has a supply of reflective signs available to post at your driveway to help fire fighters and first responders identify your home in an emergency. Contact Lisa Gottula for details.

  • Smoke Detectors
    Smoke detectors are essential for every home. They simply save lives, especially in night fires. Detectors are available upon request at Station 1.

  • Training
    Want to learn CPR? Need more information about fuel mitigation and fire prevention best practices? Frenchtown Fire regularly offers training for area residents (sometimes with nominal fees). Contact Lisa Gottula for details about upcoming courses.

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