Frenchtown Rural Fire District

Chief’s Report to the Board
May 9, 2017
Period of Report: 4/6/2017 – 5/4/2017

Total Calls: 39
􀁸 Medical Calls: 26
􀁸 Fire Calls/Alarms: 5 (1 Wildland/Illegal)
􀁸 Motor Vehicle Accidents: 3
􀁸 Service/Other Calls: 5

􀁸 EMT Class – EMT course is complete. All students have passed the course and
are now working towards State and/or NREMT certifications (2 have taken and
passed NREMT).
􀁸 Paramedic Course - FF/EMT Hooper has completed clinicals. Testing scheduled
for 5/21.
􀁸 Wildland Leadership Conference (4/6 – 4/11) – Calnan and FF/Medic Blakely
attended statewide conference in Bozeman.
􀁸 Wildland Training (4/11) – Brush Truck Operations
􀁸 S.W.I.M Team Exercise (4/13) – FF/Medic Holtz participated as member of team.
Simulated wildland fire in O’Brien Creek area. This team is developing into a
strong management team, which could prove extremely valuable in emerging
incidents in the district.
􀁸 Alberton Gorge (4/19) – Area familiarization and “River Book” information
􀁸 Enhanced Incident Management Training (4/24 – 4/28) – FF/Medic Holtz
attended team training.
􀁸 S-290, Intermediate WildlandFire Behavior – Nine students (4 FRFD, 5 partner
agencies including Missoula Ranger District, Ninemile Ranger District, DNRC,
􀁸 Basic Wildland Training (5/1, 5/4, 5/6, 5/7) – Twenty students currently taking this
course (9 FRFD plus members from Missoula, Ninemile and Superior Ranger
Districts and Superior Volunteer Fire Department). Course hosted at FRFD,
conducted by DNRC.
􀁸 Fire Training (5/2) – Rescue apparatus and equipment familiarization

􀁸 Upcoming:
o Montana Fire Officer Meeting (5/6) – Calnan tentatively scheduled to
attend in Great Falls
o Airport Response Exercise (5/11)
o Fire Department Exchange (5/23 – 5/25) – “FDX”; FRFD is one of 5
departments nationwide invited to participate in this wildland urban
interface knowledge exchange in Colorado Springs. Calnan and Wildland
Coordinator (FF/Medic Blakely) will be attending, costs covered by the
International Association of Fire Chiefs.
o Wildland Training (5/23) – Fire Behavior and Methods of Attack
o EMS Training (5/30) – Trauma scenarios
o Fire Training (6/6) – Safety and survival

􀁸 Policy Committee – Committee working on policy revisions, hoping to present
recommendations at June Regular Board Meeting.
􀁸 Capital Improvement/Project Report – Report of general current situation
scheduled for this meeting.
􀁸 Resident Program Recruitment – Seven interested people have either completed
ride-alongs or phone interviews in the last month. Two new residents started this
month. Two more have committed (one to start in late summer, one to start in
January), plus several others are pending.
􀁸 Mitigation Program – Examining grant funding and estimated expenses to
develop the 2017 Mitigation Program. Anticipate possibility of starting program in
early June.

􀁸 Elk Meadows Clean Up Day – Crews attended the annual Elk Meadows Clean
Up Day. Provided Fire Adapted Community information (Home Ignition Zone;
Ready, Set, Go; etc.) and conducted several home assessments.
􀁸 Public and Agency CPR – Five First Aid/CPR sessions were conducted (1 public,
1 company (Decker Trucking), and 3 agency (Missoula Ranger District, two for
Ninemile Ranger District). Approximately 50 people have become CPR certified.
􀁸 Prescribed Burn Outreach (4/12) – Participated with Ninemile Ranger District
personnel in community education program at Alberton School.
􀁸 Rugby Stand By (4/15) – On duty crew stand by during rugby tournament at
Frenchtown Elementary School.
􀁸 Cyr Bridge – Worked with Montana Department of Transportation to obtain
exemptions and criteria for FRFD apparatus to pass over the 11 ton rated bridge.
􀁸 Wildland Pack Tests – Continue to support Ninemile Ranger District’s weekly
pack testing (including FRFD personnel testing)
􀁸 Match Safety (4/25) – Annual MCFPA Match Safety Program presented to
Alberton and Frenchtown first graders.
􀁸 Fire Station Tour (4/27) – Indian Bible Schools students (20) toured Station 1 and
were given fire safety presentation.

􀁸 Fire Station Tour (4/27) – Boy Scouts (10) toured Station 7.
􀁸 S-215, Fire Operations in the WUI (5/2 – 5/4) – FF/Medic Blakely and FF/EMT
Hooper assisted in teaching course. As in years past, field day (5/4) will include
students conducting FRFD home assessments in the district.

􀁸 8450 (819) – Manufactures is still waiting on chassis delivery. Current tentative
schedule has delivery in early August.
􀁸 DOT Grant Ambulance – Continuing to work with contractor to finalize options
and details. Schedule still fluid due to chassis delivery and production line
schedule, but tentatively looking at delivery in August.
􀁸 7976 (816) – It has been determined that box was mounted to chassis in an
unsafe manner. Apparatus is currently out of service as we work with EVT to
design and implement solution.

􀁸 Fire Department Exchange (FDX) – Colorado Springs, CO (5/22 – 5/26)




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