Frenchtown Rural Fire District

Chief’s Report to the Board
November 13, 2018
Period of Report: 10/4/18 – 11/5/18

Total Calls: 70
• Medical Calls: 40
• Fire Calls/Alarms: 13 (7 Wildland/Illegal)
• Motor Vehicle Accidents: 10
• Service/Other Calls: 7

• Frenchtown Fire Academy – Started 9/7. Scheduled for Tuesdays, Thursdays,
and most Sundays through November. Progressing very well.
• “MOU Expiration Prep” – Continuing a “transition” period with staff almost
completely hands-off. Full discussion, and recommendation for extension or
letting expire on agenda.
• Active Shooter Response Training (10/8 – 10/12) – “Train the Trainer” course,
attended by FF/Paramedic Holtz. He is now one of multiple instructors in
Missoula County; program is working to train as close to 100% of responders as

• Permanent Hire – Received 23 applicants by the deadline. 6 of those were
removed from further consideration due to not meeting minimum requirements.
Of remaining 17, 10 have been invited back for on-site assessments scheduled
for 11/27 – 11/28. Process remains on original schedule.
• Property Tax Revenue – Due to a communication issue with Missoula County,
they have levied 64.03 mills (same as last year) instead of the 65.00 mills
decided by Board. There is a slight increase in the Entitlement Share that I had
budgeted; these two items combined will result in about $7,000 less revenue.
Working with County to correct for next year.
• Fuels Mitigation Program – 2018 season report scheduled to be provided by
FF/Paramedic Blakely at the December Regular Board Meeting.
• Western States WUI Grant – Waiting to hear on status of this grant, submitted via
State of Montana a month or so back. As of 11/5/18, DNRC is stating they expect
to receive update within a week.
• Community Paramedicine Meeting (11/15) – Sponsored by Montana EMS and
Trauma Systems. To be held in Helena, discuss strategies to implement.

• Community Mitigation Assistance Team (10/11 – 10/12) – Hosted this CMAT
workshop. Attended by multiple agencies in the region, from local to federal.
• Missoula County Wildfire Preparedness Coordinator – Met with the newly
established position, working for Missoula County OEM. Assisting with getting
Max established and productive.
• Fire Adapted Montana (10/25 – 10/26) – “Design Meeting”: Invitation only
meetings to begin design of a Fire Adapted Montana statewide fire preparedness
network. FRFD was only fire department represented.
• MCFPA Puppet Show (10/30) – Annual puppet show for Frenchtown
• Halloween Warming Stations (10/31) – Continued annual tradition of providing
hot chocolate, cider, candy at Stations 1 and 8.
• County Midterm Elections (11/6) – FRFD Stations 1, 2, 5, 7 are designated
Missoula County Polling Places. Preparation for elections always takes time to
distribute tables and chairs, straighten & clean-up, then open each station and
move apparatus out for polling officials early in the morning. This is followed up
by closing up, returning apparatus, and bringing back tables and chairs.

• Structure Engine – Completing final minor details, continuing training.
• Chip Truck/Hauler – Chip box is being shipped, expected to be delivered within
next few weeks. Flatbed removal, chip box installation, other upfitting to be
completed this winter.
• Type 5 Hybrid – DNRC continues to work on this.
• DOT Grant Ambulance – Picked up ambulance in Salt Lake on 10/31.
Completing load-out and final training. Expect to be in service shortly.
• 1486 (811) – Remains out of service due to pump. Planning on starting major
work as the new 811 gets closer to in-service.
• 1447 (871) – Several valve issues resolved. Air leak identified, working on fix.
EVT’s state leak is still in compliance with DOT thresholds.

• IAFC’s Volunteer & Combination Officer Section (VCOS) Symposium, 11/6 –




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