Frenchtown Rural Fire District

Chief’s Report to the Board
August 8, 2017
Period of Report: 7/11/2017 – 8/3/2017

Total Calls: 65
􀁸 Medical Calls: 27
􀁸 Fire Calls/Alarms: 25 (19 Wildland/Illegal)
􀁸 Motor Vehicle Accidents: 8
􀁸 Service/Other Calls: 5

􀁸 Paramedic Course - CONGRATULATIONS to FF/PARAMEDIC Hooper, who
received her paramedic license along with approval to practice by Medical
􀁸 Wildland Training (7/16) – Maps and compasses
􀁸 EMS Training (7/25) –Trauma
􀁸 EMS (8/1) – New ambulance orientation
􀁸 Upcoming:
o Wildland Training (8/8) – Methods of Attack & Communications
o Rescue Training (8/22) – Vehicle Stabilization
o EMS Training (8/29) – Altered Mental Status
o Fire Training (9/6) – Firefighter Health & Safety; Physical Testing

􀁸 Mitigation Program – Due to operational tempo, program production is less than
expected at this point. Continue to work.
􀁸 FY2018 Budget – As of 8/2, we are still waiting for receipt of final certified values.
Once these are obtained the draft proposal will be completed and forwared to the
board. I anticipate that we will need to conduct a special board meeting in late
August in order to complete the budget in time for submission to the county.
􀁸 Fire Records Management System – Implementation phase is ongoing. We hope
to “go live” in September, but with increased call volume we have had to push
some foundational work out.
􀁸 Annual Hose Testing – In Progress
􀁸 Philipps 66 Grant – Received the “Big Check” 7/28.

􀁸 July and North Delphia Fires – Contract Type 6 engine provided support to these
two eastern Montana fires; 13 days.

􀁸 Alberton Railroad Day (7/15) – Due to fire weather and staffing, provided limited
support. Did have apparatus in parade and personnel available during the
􀁸 USFS Washington Office Visit (7/19) – Ninemile Ranger District hosted
delegation from Washington D.C. visiting to observe the results of funding
provided for hazardous fuels mitigation on federal lands. They were also looking
at projects for future funding, specifically cross-border (federal/state/private)
mitigation work. FRFD and Ninemile Ranger District showed them a project near
Whitetail Ridge Road that the Washington Office described as a prime example
of type of project that would be a priority for future funding. This site was
described by the Washington Office delegation as the “highlight of their visit to
the Lolo National Forest”.
􀁸 Sunrise/Burdette Fires – Attending daily stakeholder meetings at Tarkio,
assisting as needed for initial attack resources. 886 assigned to fire. Line
Paramedic assigned to fire. Working to contract out several rooms at Station 8
and maybe 5 for Law Enforcement Officers assigned to the fire.

􀁸 2090 (“New 859) – Remount of “Old 819”, took delivery 7/24. We are working on
final outfitting and driver training/orientation. Anticipate putting in service by 8/7.
􀁸 DOT Grant Ambulance – Final options completed and signed. Waiting word from
dealer/vendor on production schedule.
􀁸 1447 (871) – Catastrophic failure of pump shaft. Learned 8/3 that pump
transmission casing cracked and will need replacement. Casing ordered with
expected delivery on or about 8/9. Hope engine will be back in service by 8/11.
􀁸 Duty Rigs – Various issues with 830 (cylinder “missing” due to coils/plugs) and
850 (steering box and caster angle issues) have started to plague the duty rig

􀁸 Potential trip to investigate used engine on east coast; tentative.




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